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"The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged"

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    "The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged"

    Help please !

    Monitor with built-in speakers is connected over an HDMI cable and so the speakers cannot be actually disconnected. Strangely, the sound feature comes or goes by either a reawakening or a reboot. Speaker icon has a red X indication when it has failed and none of the Windows sounds play.

    This is a 8.1 desktop that has the latest Realtek and Intel drivers installed direct from their websites.

    Any ideas ?

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    More info...

    Under the "Sound" tab in the Mixer and under Playback, HSG1074 has a green check and is noted as the Default Device. Under this icon is the Speakers - Realtek High Definition Audio which is showing not plugged in.
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    When you use HDMI, the PC's regular audio (e.g. RealTek) is not used. The HDMI audio is from a chip in the video card.

    What do you have listed in the Device Manager, Sound Section. You should have RealTek audio and whatever video device you have's audio. e.g. if you have Intel Video then you should have Intel HDMI Audio listed. If you have an AMD or NVIDIA video card then you should have AMD or NVIDIA HDMI audio. However, if you only have the generic, basic function Windows installed "High Definition Audio Codec for the HDMI then the first step is to install the correct Video driver (which will include the HDMI audio).,
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    Thanks for responding Fireberd...

    This sound is on-board and not a discrete card. I seem to have two audio pieces of software, Realtek and Intel which I believe is running through a "soft" device called HSG1074. I think HSG1074 controls which port the sound plays through and I think its getting confused or the Intel program is not loading every time leaving Realtek looking for speakers. I have looked through all the options for all three pieces and have not found an HDMI option. Just to make even more interesting, when I woke up the PC to answer your post, the sound is now working fine.

    I'm wondering if there is an update to HSG1074 ?

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    The HSG1074 is a Hanspree TV. Is that what you are using as a monitor?

    The on-board sound, RealTek, is ONLY for regular PC audio and NOT for HDMI.

    The Intel is providing the HDMI audio.
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    Ah...another piece falls into place.

    Yes indeed, I am using a Hanspree monitor/TV and so that's what that means ! Should I de-install the Realtek as I'm not using the regular sound ports ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EchoTango View Post
    Ah...another piece falls into place.

    Yes indeed, I am using a Hanspree monitor/TV and so that's what that means ! Should I de-install the Realtek as I'm not using the regular sound ports ?
    You don't need to uninstall Realtek drivers, they would be installed next time you boot anyway. What you can do (maybe ) is to turn off onboard sound in the BIOS or just disable it in Device Manager.
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    I would leave the RealTek alone. It is not going to interfere with HDMI audio.
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    Thanks again....

    I've deleted the RealTek driver so it can't load on start-up and I know how to restore it if I need to. So far so good, as I've booted up the PC three times now and no red "X" on the speaker icon.

    If this does fix the issue, it looks like RealTek and Intel don't play well together......
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    What is happening with the Red X is that the RealTek hardware is detecting that there are no speakers plugged in and it displays the Red X. If speakers are plugged in the Red X will go away. I just answered another thread for a user that had the exact same question about the Red X. On his systems if no speakers are plugged in he gets the Red X. He plugs in speakers and the Red X goes away. Proper operation.

    You should re-enable the RealTek. If you ever want to record streaming audio from the Internet you need the "Stereo Mix" set as the default recording device (in the Sound Panel/Recording section). That is a function of the RealTek, as the Video's HDMI audio does not have this capability. Having RealTek enabled will not interfere (do nothing) to your HDMI audio.
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"The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged"
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