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"The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged"

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    Spoke to soon....woke up the PC and the sound is not working......again.

    Since the RealTek driver is now gone this confirms the Intel software did not load. The sound mixer is gone but the device list the "High Definition Audio Device" shows as working properly. The HSG1074 Audio Display is also missing from the Device list.

    I know I can re-boot and it will eventually return.

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    Because you removed/uninstalled or whatever the RealTek drivers, Windows, when booted installed the generic, basic function, HD Audio Driver for the PC sound.

    But that should still not have anything to do with the HDMI audio. That has to be a function of something happening with the HDMI link. Because it happens after "waking up" that says some function needs to stay on rather than go into the standby (sleep) mode.
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    Thanks again Fireberd :

    I think the mixer is part of the Intel sound software as I can re-boot and get the mixer back without RealTek. I have a speaker cable currently hooked up but it makes no difference as I think the error is a generic one that Windows displays.

    I'm trying to minimize all the "players" in the situation and if I can get the HDMI working, I will add the RealTek piece back in later.

    So, this now looks like a Windows/Intel problem. The next think I'm going to do is to change the monitor idle time to "forever" so the monitor going to sleep too early or waking up too late is removed from the equation.

    ....and so it goes.
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    If you are still suspecting Realtec drivers. why don't you just "kill" it in BIOS. That way there's no chance for it to interfere and drivers for it or that HD audio driver will not load at all but will still be there if needed.
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    Where are you plugging the HDMI into on the computer, a motherboard port or a dedicated graphics card? Either way. uninstall graphics driver then re-install, and be sure you have latest drivers.
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    I think I may have cracked this....

    I'm now thinking this has something to do with conflicting sleep modes for the PC and the monitor. Typically, monitors go to sleep when the PC does. For some reason I think this monitor is going to sleep before the PC and the sound software is detecting a "no speaker connected" state. Conversely, when the PC is started, the monitor goes through a boot-up process and I suspect it's not quite "ready" in time for the PC software load, again detecting a "no speaker connected state". I've started turning the monitor on first and letting it "boot up" before hitting the power button on the PC. This would also account for why it sometimes works and sometimes not.

    So far so good.

    If this does works, it would seem the audio software has zero tolerance to device status nor any re-try capability.
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    I been powering up the monitor first and it seems to work. Seems the Intel audio software is not a smart as it should be.

    Thanks to all who helped out !
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"The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged"
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