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Audio issues (Static + crackling) and high audio latency

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    Audio issues (Static + crackling) and high audio latency

    After having my motherboard, graphics card and RAM replaced due to a power surge, I have been experiencing high audio latency, along with very poor sound quality which includes static noise, crackling. The sound is similar to that of an untuned radio.
    The sound quality is decent when I am running limited audio programs, but when I run multiple (Such as Skype + Youtube), the sound quality starts to become poor.
    The sound quality also becomes poor quite frequently when I am only running one audio program.\

    I've already tried going into Device manager and disabling/reenabling drivers to see if they were the cause of the problem.
    I've also tried updating the drivers to the latest version.

    Not really sure what to do now, help is appreciated gratefully.
    System specs:
    Windows 8.1
    Intel i5-4570 @3.20GHz
    8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3
    Sapphire HD 7850 OC 2GB GDDR5
    ASRock B85M Pro 4 New Version

    EDIT: Searched online, pretty much have 0 dedication to fix this myself, and decided it was time for a fresh windows 8.1. So I reinstalled windows :3
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    FWIW, the DPC Latency Checker is not fully Win 8 compatible (there is notice on their web site) and it can give you false latency hits.

    The Resplendence Latency monitor is Win 8 compatible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    FWIW, the DPC Latency Checker is not fully Win 8 compatible (there is notice on their web site) and it can give you false latency hits.

    The Resplendence Latency monitor is Win 8 compatible.
    I was using latency mon
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    Ive seen incorrect or damaged video drivers cause audio problems, try rolling back to default windows video drivers and see if the crackling goes away..
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Audio issues (Static + crackling) and high audio latency
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