I am having a problem with metro apps which are using microphone...
When I open sound recorder app, it says: "To get started, connect your microphone".
Permission to use microphone is ON, i have newest drivers installed, realtek HD audio for win 8 x64...

Microphone is WORKING in other programs like skype, classic sound recorder, team speak, etc.
I tried to remove drivers and use default windows drivers, but with no luck. Downloaded some other audio recording apps and also having problems with them, but i am getting different error: "To use this feature you have to allow the use of microphone in the app settings."
I did turned it ON, but receiving same error again. Here are some screenshots...





I have no idea what to do but this is driving me crazy, it's freshly installed windows 8.1 with all updates.
Is there some hidden option for app permissions in registry or some other place?