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Built in Speakers And Mic tell me they arnt plugged in

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    Built in Speakers And Mic tell me they arnt plugged in

    I am running a Compaq CQ58 with windows 8.1

    A week ago, i turned on my laptop and discovered that my sound wasnt working. I cheaked the sound menu, it told my that the speakers were not plugged in. I looked in the recording menu which told me my build in mic was not plugged in.
    I was able to have sound by plugging my laptop into my tv with a HDMI lead.
    I got fed up with a slow laptop and no sound so i decided to reset my laptop, when the reset was finished my mic and speakers worked. I turned it off and when i woke up i turned it back on to find my mic and speaker was "not plugged in". All my drivers are up to date and i have no updates to do
    I really don't know how to fix this.


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    Do you have the RealTek audio drivers or do you have the Windows installed "High Definition Audio Codec"? If you don't have RealTek that is the first step.

    The HDMI audio is generated from a different point than the PC speaker audio.
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    I'm sorry im a bit of a noob to the whole window 8.1. I have been using apple laptops and im sure on how to cheack my drivers. I know by cheacking for driver updates ,that they are up to date though.
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    The Device Manager will list what is installed. I'm not at my Windows 8 machine right now so I'm not sure how to access it from the metro window. But, from the Desktop, hold the Windows key down and press the Pause key. In the Panel that comes up, Device Manager can be accessed in the upper left of the panel. Display what is in the Sound section.

    How are you checking for driver updates? Through the Windows update? (which may not show all the hardware drivers available).
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    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionI think this is what you ment. I was cheaking for updates By right clicking on the sound icon and looking at the properties of the mic and speaker
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    The Realtek appears to be installed. However, I also see the "high Definition Audio Device" listed. Uninstall that under the Sound Video and game controllers. Right click on the entry to highlight it and then Left click Uninstall. The Digital Audio (S/PDIF) should also be RealTek, although that will not affect the Speakers. I have no idea what the "Microsoft Trusted Audio Drivers" are either and they too may be conflicting and need to be uninstalled.

    The way you are checking is not right or at minimum the best way. Even in the Device Manager if you check for updates it will not always find the latest driver. That is because it uses Microsoft's driver database which can be several versions behind on updates.

    If uninstalling the High Defintion Audio Device does not help, in the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the Realtek sound and then Left click "uninstall" DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. If there were any Windows corruptions this will fix it.

    This is the screenshot of my Device Manager and Sound section.

    Click image for larger version
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    Uninstalling the "High definition audio device" Just got rid of the speaker and the mic from the sound menueClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    I have no idea how they got there as i just reset my computer last night
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    It sounds like the RealTek needs to be reinstalled.

    Go to RealTek and download and install the RealTek High Definition Audio Codec (either the 32 or 64 bit depending on what version of Windows you have).


    I'll be gone for a couple of hours so I won't be able to respond right away.
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    Uninstalling the "high definition audio device" seemed to fix it, thanks for the help
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    Great! They can cause conflicts.
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Built in Speakers And Mic tell me they arnt plugged in
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