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Audio/Visual Stuttering

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    Audio/Visual Stuttering

    I have been experiencing stuttering both audio and video. This occurs after the computer has been running for two days (hibernating at night). For the first day it works perfectly, youtube, MPC, etc work flawlessly. Then towards the end of the second day, stuttering, with no apparent cause.

    This stuttering occurs primarily when reloading the page in the browser, and starting a new video. Upon reloading there will be stutters for the first few seconds (accompanied by audio buzzing type feedback in tune with video stuttering).

    I use chrome but it is not exclusive to that.

    Graphics drivers are updated, issue persists.

    Upon restarting the problem disappears, only to return next day.

    Any suggestions (preferably software based, I am disabled, so cant go diving into the hardware)?

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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Which browser are you experiencing this with ? Are you saying in a media player this occurs too ? Does not happen in Chrome.

    Seems like either a possible electrical disturbance going on here. Also could be a hardware issue, PSU.

    Not sure yet if it could be the video card. Have another monitor to try ? Say stuttering in audio, mean like a buzzing ?
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    Happens in chrome, firefox and MPC. Mostly in chrome as far as I can tell as its my main browser. Unfortunately not got another monitor to try.

    The stuttering, the video will stutter for half a second or so (at a time), sometimes less sometimes more. Along with this stuttering the audio from the video also stutters, but continues; so as the video jerks forward by the millisecond so does the audio, causing a buzzing sound in tune with the videos audio.

    It might be the other way around, the audio stuttering causing the video stuttering, I'm not quite sure unfortunately. But the audio is more noticeable.

    Bit tricky to explain, but there ya go. It started a few weeks ago, the only thing I can note that might of been the cause was me running ccleaner. I'm doubtful that's the cause, or at least hopeful, as there is no restore point.

    What I'm struggling to understand is why it only occurs after a day/two (hibernating for a good 8 hours at night) of use, and disappears on restart.

    Edit: Looks like maybe DWM.exe? Was having an issue (still am), where DWM was using up to and over 100mb of memory. Starts off upon restart simple enough at around 0.9-10mb and slowly increases as time goes on, is this normal? I just noticed it stuttering now, only a little, and its at 60mb. I took a screenshot before of task manager while it was happening on a previous occasion, was around 60mb then too. Honestly this might just be a coincidence, but you never now. Any way to find out what's going on in that there desktop windows manager?
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    How exactly is it just playing a video ( movies,DVD,video file example- wmv,mpeg.) also music ( cd,mp3,) to see if this happens
    in MPC ?

    DWM is Desktop Windows Manager it is going to use alot of RAM it gives you all those effects like Aero.
    What is dwm.exe And Why Is It Running?

    Telling me you have Windows 7 or Vista. Common for this to use a lot of resources. Do not think this is the cause of your problem by far.

    You are saying you always keep the PC on in hibernate, then bringing out of hibernate it it gone afterl you restart.
    But for how long till it occurs again ?

    Some hardware issues occur when the hardware is on for awhile, as parts get warmer. Since you do keep it on always, even though in hibernate.

    Thinking either something is disturbing it through where it is plugged in, or problem with Video card or PSU (Power supply).
    Is this in a surge protector ? Anyway to plug it in somewhere else in house to test for disturbance in outlet or something else close by it is causing interference ?

    We need to try playing videos and music through other sources like DVD,CD for awhile other then internet, to know it is occuring the same way.
    Possibility, but i am not sure could be your modem, if only online this occurs.
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    Not sure I understand your first question sorry, I'll try though! The stuttering occurs mostly in Youtube, as far as I can tell, since that is that is the player I use most. I also use MPC for playing video files, such as .mp4, .mkv, .avi, .wmv, etc. The issue is most pronounced in Youtube, just after reloading the page and starting a new video. It occasionally happens in MPC too.

    I'm using W8. You say I always keep it on, but doesn't hibernate save my 'session' to my hard disk and then for all intents and purposes shuts down? Regardless, once restarting the issue seems to reoccur after a day and a half/two days.

    Since I also play files through MPC and the issue occurs there (albeit less frequently) I'm fairly certain its not my online networking systems.

    Unfortunately there's no way, at least easily, to move to a new power-socket. Yes there is a surge protector. And there's not really anything close by electrical at all that could offer interference; no TV, no stereos, nothing. Just the computer and the associated wires and peripherals.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    It's o.k., I meant not using the browser and playing any media files through your media player, just wanted to test it this way to make sure if it had to do with the browser or modem (router).

    Possible problem with it happening on Youtube could be due to a missing browser plug in, like adobe flash. Using Mozilla do you have Adobe Flash plug in ? In Mozilla go to menu on top, in Tools select add-ons look in plug ins tell me if you have Adobe or other flash players listed there. There you can check for updates to them.

    Sorry i was not too familiar with hibernation, you are correct computer shuts down keeping the last stuff you worked on into the RAM,so when you turn it back on all work is saved and can resume to what you last were working on.

    Windows 8 has Windows Media player 12 did you try this or do you prefer Media Player Classic, as you listed it MPC ?
    Are you downloading these videos from youtube also, then playing them in MPC ? Each video is different on youtube.
    Might not have right audio or video codec required for playback.

    No cell phones or other wireless devices near PC at anytime ? By you trying a different source like a DVD or CD was to try to rule out possibilities it is not your Video card or audio card. Still want to make sure, try playing one of these for awhile.

    Intermitting problems can be difficult to find unless it happens all the time.

    Try checking your plug ins first on each browser, i am not too familiar with Chrome, but i showed you how to check Mozilla.
    Did you try IE ? Internet Explorer.

    Do you have a program to clean the browser and cache history ? If not go to File explorer and right click drive then properties and select Disk Cleanup, should do this periodically.
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    Windows 8

    Adobe/Shockwave flash enabled on both Mozilla, and Chrome. Initially I thought that might have been the offending issue since at the time I'd only noticed it in Chrome. After uninstalling, reinstalling, disabling, enabling, etc; found out it wasnt the cause, unfortunately.

    I do prefer MPC yes, I'll try other players and see if the issue continues there, VLC, WMP, etc. Regarding playback codecs on specific Youtube videos, when the issue arises, it happens on all videos as far as I can tell.

    I'll try and dig out a DVD to try.

    The problem is intermittent as you say, but it is consistent as to when it returns, so there is that.

    Recently did a disk cleanup in an attempt to fix this issue, no dice (although I did find out I had 40gb of previous windows installations so not a complete loss).
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    Same happens on DVDs, and on audio tests through control panel > sound > test. The audio tests I did with nothing going on, little stuttering/audio glitches, and when doing something fairly intensive. Audio glitches occurred more and with greater intensity when something else was going on. Like reloading a browser page.

    With audio tests the stuttering turned into crackling sounds, not every test had these glitches, but enough to know theres something amiss.

    Fairly convinced its an audio problem now.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    o.k. at least we know it is not just occurring in the browsers. Audio testing will only play a short sound, not long enough to determine, but did show the issue.

    Is this a custom built PC ? Checking your PC specs i do not see a brand for your Audio Card. You can go to the Device Manager undoer "soud,Audio and game controllers" should list a name. Also when you tested the sound in control panel under sound should be listed as your default device.

    Because i want to start off with trying to check for Driver updates for this integrated card. Even Video card which sometimes within it's software you can check for updated drivers or go to AMD's site. Not sure if custom built or i'd say go to manufacturer's site of the PC to check also.

    Could also be due to some other outdated drivers,IDE controllers. Was Windows 8 installed on this PC when purchased ?
    Why haven't you updated to Windows 8.1 ?

    Use task manager under performance, do you see high percentage of CPU use ? Start up tab many enabled items listed and rated high system impact. Also check RAM usage.

    Hve you recently ran a full system scan with your Avast ? Should do so if not.Not a quick scan.

    Have you added any software or hardware just before this issue started happening ?

    Do you have a system recovery partition on PC ?

    Try running CHKDSK this will take some time.Then a scan disk.

    from the elevated command prompt, type chkdsk c: /f /r
    after that finishes and reboots,
    again from the elevated command prompt, type: sfc /scannow

    Want to see the results.
    1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog, type powershell.exe, and press Enter.

    2. In PowerShell, copy and paste the command below, and press Enter.

    get-winevent -FilterHashTable @{logname="Application"; id="1001"}| ?{$_.providername –match "wininit"} | fl timecreated, message | out-file Desktop\CHKDSKResults.txt

    3. You will now have a CHKDSKResults.txt file created on your desktop that is the log file of your chkdsk scan results from Event Viewer.

    Up to you to try this it will not hurt should be done periodically to check the health and repair problems with your HD.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Here are sites to check for latest downloads.

    For audio which is a Realtek integrated card on this motherboard Motherboards - P8Z77-M - ASUS

    Video card AMD Radeon? HD 7800 Series Graphics Cards

    Was not sure if system is 32bit or 64bit, make sure choose right bit.

    I do not see it as a realtek listed in your system specs here, check through your programs for it's settings, might be also in the control panel. If find make sure settings are correct, also check speaker jack connections on back of your PC make sure they are snapped all the way in.

    As said earlier take a look at the list of audio devices in the Device manager under "Sound,video and game controllers", list them here or take a screen capture post it here.

    Also i believe you were in sound in the control panel to test your audio, go to sound in control panel and in playback tab, speakers should be the default device, should be listed realtek. Again if you can screen capture to show what is there.

    If you do not know how to screen capture, here it is.
    While the window you want to capture is on screen, hit Ctrl and print screen at same time on keyboard.
    Then open Windows paint and left click center of window, go to Paint menu and hit paste, then save as a JPEG.

    Post it here through the manage attachments, below your typed post.

    What would be good is if you can screen capture what you are seeing in video stuttering, post it also.
    Hard to understand sometimes what is meant by stutter. Is it slowing down, freezing ? Sound part i kind of understand more so.
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