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Windows 8 HP laptop suddenly stops playing videos/sound

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    Windows 8 HP laptop suddenly stops playing videos/sound

    I have been having an issue recently with my Windows 8 HP laptop (i'm not too sure of the exact model at the moment) where it'll just stop playing videos (whether if streamed through the internet such as you tube or if played on the actual computer as a downloaded video) or the sound for said videos just won't play. The problem can usually be temporarily fixed by restarting my computer but it gets annoying to restart my computer constantly because a video is not playing or the sound is not working so I am trying to see if there is a permanent solution. Adobe flash player is up to date and the problem has been occurring before and after I updated flash player. Thanks to anyone who takes their time to read this a possibly attempt to help. If any more information is needed please do not be afraid to ask and thank you for helping.

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    As the problem is both video and sound, this is more than just an "audio" problem (this forum section),

    Any Flash type video/audio (such as YouTube) is related to the Flash player (and there are many reported similar problems).
    A complete uninstall of the Flash Player, restart the PC and then a new install of the Flash player helps in some cases.
    Here is the link to the Flash Player Uninstaller and instructions. Click Me
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Windows 8 HP laptop suddenly stops playing videos/sound
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