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Volume Mixer Problem

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    Volume Mixer Problem

    Hello guys,
    So i got a problem on the Volumer Mixer.
    All started yesterday after i decide to install my new speaker... now is giving a headache to fix to the way that was before.
    Basically before i could control all the computer volume but now when i go to volume mixer there is a lot of stuff open and then i need to control each volume for each application...
    I want to be able to remove all applications and be able to put louder my volume with only one slider.
    here is a picture of the problem:
    Click image for larger version

    The Device is my Headset a Logitech G930. when try to turn the volume louder on this slider:
    Click image for larger version
    Doesn't get louder like the headphone used to get.
    Well i hope anyone can help here, thank you very much.

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    That's for analog speaker output, you have USB headphones now, different ballgame. In Control Panel > Sound, you should be able to find those headphones and adjust from there. Alternatively, there should be a driver and program for them too, sou you could set them from there.
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Volume Mixer Problem
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