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No Sound- The device is being used by another application

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryG45 View Post
    The problem isn't only with HP PCs. It has been reported on Lenovo and Asus PCs too. I have checked the HP Community, and there is a thread for this problem. Installation of the latest IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver doesn't appear to help. One person installed the M/S version of the driver instead of the HP version. They now have very low sound, and the BEATS audio feature no longer works. Most people feel the problem started after a M/S update.

    Oh theres a fix.. Thanks! Gonna try it!

    Yup. I'm actually running a new Windows 8 ASUS right now, and having this problem. It's quite frustrating. Usually I can temporarily fix it by going into my devices, finding one of my sound card..things.. (sorry I'm not tech savvy and don't really know the lingo lol) and disabling one of them, then re-enabling it. It works for a short amount of time, and then I have to repeat. Would be nice to see a fix for this :/ Feels like one of my recent 2 downloads caused it, or perhaps an Update. I'm not sure, as I have the same issue concerning not being able to Restore due to corrupt files.

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    Did anybody have a problem like that on a Desktop computer ? I have seen that only on Laptops.
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    Windows 8

    Again, I'm definitely no computer specialist, but since it relates to Windows Updates, which as far as I'm aware Desktops also have, then the fix should be the same right? o: Hopefully?

    Or is that just a relative question? haha.

    Dunno, in that case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xGHOST View Post
    Again, I'm definitely no computer specialist, but since it relates to Windows Updates, which as far as I'm aware Desktops also have, then the fix should be the same right? o: Hopefully?

    Or is that just a relative question? haha.

    Dunno, in that case.
    No, it's not "relative haha question", I did few updates on desktops since they came out (not everybody has nerves to do their updates or how to fix problems if they arise ) and none of them had that sound problem. I'm realy interested if it affects laptops only. Sooner or later I will be asked to do it on a laptop.
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    Solved by scanning for hardware changes

    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Elric View Post
    Ok. I had the same sound problem after updated windows 8 some days ago but i found a quick solution where you don t have to upgrade to 8.1 or uninstall any windows update.

    You just need to enter to the Control Panel -> security and System -> System -> Device Manager

    Then look for "sound, video and game controllers" put the cursor over it press right-click and select "scan for hardware changes"

    3 secs after that you will have your sound working again, you gonna need to repeat this procedure every time the sound is gone in your PC and till now it always worked to me.

    To be honest i found this solution in another forum days ago and i thought people here will eventually figured out the same solution but i see you didn t make it, so hope this will solve your problem for now, till Microsoft gives us a permanent solution in the next update.

    Sorry for no register here earlier and give you the solution.
    I had this issue on my ASUS UX32V on Windows 8.
    When the issue first started happening, sometimes I could just restart the computer and it would work again. Later this stopped working. So far I have tried each of these actions before restarting:
    *Unticking or ticking 'Allow applications to take exclusive use of this device' in Sound
    *Disabling other audio outputs in Device Manager
    *Checking if the Realtek audio driver software was up to date
    *Uninstalling Windows update B2962407

    All of the above didn't work. Then I tried scanning for hardware changes to my Realtek speakers, restarted Spotify, played a song and...
    it works!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Eric!
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    win 8.1

    Solution to "the device is being used by another app.."

    To simplify things for others looking for the best solution, the easiest way is to:

    Right click Taskbar > Select Task Manager > Services Tab > Right click Audiosrv > Restart.

    Bob's your Uncle!

    Click image for larger version

    Or if you want to stop it happening to you again then:

    Control Panel > Sound > Playback Tab > Click on Sound Device > Properties > Advanced Tab >

    Exclusive Mode >

    Untick "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" > OK

    Sally's your Aunt!

    Click image for larger version

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    My sound was randomly turning off and only a restart of my computer would fix it. Also, another thing I noticed was that when I clicked into my sound settings from my task bar there was quite a bit of lag. My computer would hang there for maybe 10 seconds before it opened the sound settings (which is odd for a fast computer). I think I may have found a fix for both of these problems.
    This fixed the issue for me so far, try this out and let me know if it fixed it for you too!

    1. Go to: Control Pannel >> System >> Device Manager
    2. Click on: Sound, video and game controllers.
    3. Right click on each item on this list and click Disable on one driver at a time until you only have the driver that you are using for your speakers Enabled.

    In my case I only had to disable my Realtek High Definition Audio driver and I left my AMD High Definition Audio Device driver Enabled (because this is the driver I use). I'm guessing Windows 10 has a problem with more than one sound driver being enabled. So far so good for me, let me know if this helped you though :).
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    Windows 8.1

    1nd1g0 regarding post #96, I signed up just to say your post was the fix for me! I tried all the other pseudo-fixes on this board, all of which were "red herrings." I was already on Windows 8.1, I tried the refreshing/searching for/other tricks, and there was no mystery Windows Update on my laptop. But after hours wasted, your solution to restart the Audiosrv task was all that I needed to do. Thanks.
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No Sound- The device is being used by another application
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