Please help.......
windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file

The above message appears when I try to play music on WMP. Then when clicking on the web help button on this error message, another message appears.
"Windows Media Player error C00D11B1"

Also whilst playing video clips from the internet, the video plays but there is no sound.

This doesn't happen all the time, ie I do have sound sometimes. But when I don't have the audio working it stays not working until I restart my laptop. Sometimes restarting makes the sound work for a bit.

I'm inexperienced of the actual workings of a computer so I haven't a clue what to do. I've tried troubleshooting in windows but it doesn't show a fault with the audio. I have searched on the internet to see if there is a cure to this problem but with no success. But as a result of searching for the solution, I have found out: -
- I have WMP Version 12.0.9200.16578
- my audio device 1 is IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
- my audio device 2 is Intel(R) Display Audio
- my laptop is HP Pavilion g6-2293sa with windows 8. I think I would say I use it in Desktop (windows 7?) mode rather than using windows 8 icons/ways.

I've seen Codecs mentioned when trying to look for a solution....whatever these are, could there be a corrupt one on my audio?

I recently installed ITunes on my laptop..... could it just be a coincidence that this has affected WMP? I have since uninstalled ITunes trying to correct this problem but I still get the WMP error message. Or I did some Windows Updates around the time that I started getting this sound problem.

I have thought about using a system restore but there are only two restore points saved when I've looked in system restore and they are dated when I had this sound problem rather than before I had the problem. I guess there is no way to find other restore points I had but which are no longer showing?

So I've tried fixing it via a few ways but nothing seems to work or I'm not confident enough if I need to do something with codecs/corrupt files to understand it and just go ahead and do what's written. I would like a more basic guide if this is the solution. I'm also a bit sceptical when people suggest a site where there is a "fix tool" download as I'm weary of potentially downloading something dodgy that would instead damage my laptop or put a virus on it.

I appreciate I've written a lot here, but I thought the more information I provide, the better. Any help would be appreciated