So a number of weeks ago I posted a thread about how half my audio was "missing" from the mixer in windows; the audio would play perfectly fine, I just had no idea what it was coming from.

And I found it. In the recording tab.

Click image for larger version

Highlighted, is Wave. That's where all the extra audio is coming from (VLC, any and every game I play, etc)

Click image for larger version

And here is a screenshot of my audio center showing pretty much the same thing; recorder tab, with my mic and wave which for some reason has half my output audio.

Disabling the device doesn't stop any audio being played. Nor does muting it. I attempted to have another device "listen" to it, and while it showed up on the mixer, no sound can be seen coming from it, even when there is.

This wouldn't be an issue, but this does kind of impact me when I'm trying to stream and I have no in game audio because it's all coming from a recording tab?

Just wondering if anyone can help or has any ideas on how to get all the output back onto my speakers?