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LatencyMon high latency sound card clipping.

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    windows 8.1

    LatencyMon high latency sound card clipping.

    Hello, I tried so many things, running out of idea. Hope someone can assist.

    Updated all drivers, realtek, nvidia, amd chipset and bios. Remove everything from USB post and booted without services, disabled network drivers.

    When I uninstall the nvidia drivers I dont get that much latency, I do a clean install and using different drivers and it always comes back. I read on this thread that its some interfering with the drivers.

    My irq's seem strange the Microsoft acpi compliant system has 511 entry's is the normal?


    Windows 8.1 all updated.
    Memory (RAM) 16281 MB
    CPU Info AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor
    Sound Card: Speakers (M-Audio Fast Track Pr | S/PDIF (M-Audio Fast Track Pro) | Line 1/2 (M-Audio Fast Track Pr | Realtek Digital Output (Realtek | Realtek Digital Output(Optical) |
    Display Adapters: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
    Network Adapters: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    Hard Disks C: 223.2GB | D: 1862.9GB
    Motherboard * ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. M5A97 R2.0

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    Interrupt service routines are routines installed by the OS and device drivers that execute in response to a hardware interrupt signal.

    Highest ISR routine execution time (Ás): 1848.831603
    Driver with highest ISR routine execution time: dxgkrnl.sys - DirectX Graphics Kernel, Microsoft Corporation

    Highest reported total ISR routine time (%): 0.089085
    Driver with highest ISR total time: USBPORT.SYS - USB 1.1 & 2.0 Port Driver, Microsoft Corporation

    Total time spent in ISRs (%) 0.152184

    ISR count (execution time <250 Ás): 291126
    ISR count (execution time 250-500 Ás): 0
    ISR count (execution time 500-999 Ás): 145
    ISR count (execution time 1000-1999 Ás): 12
    ISR count (execution time 2000-3999 Ás): 0
    ISR count (execution time >=4000 Ás): 0

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    DPC routines are part of the interrupt servicing dispatch mechanism and disable the possibility for a process to utilize the CPU while it is interrupted until the DPC has finished execution.

    Highest DPC routine execution time (Ás): 2571.252826
    Driver with highest DPC routine execution time: nvlddmkm.sys - NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 337.50 , NVIDIA Corporation

    Highest reported total DPC routine time (%): 0.946156
    Driver with highest DPC total execution time: USBPORT.SYS - USB 1.1 & 2.0 Port Driver, Microsoft Corporation

    Total time spent in DPCs (%) 1.910671

    DPC count (execution time <250 Ás): 2020722
    DPC count (execution time 250-500 Ás): 0
    DPC count (execution time 500-999 Ás): 133
    DPC count (execution time 1000-1999 Ás): 6
    DPC count (execution time 2000-3999 Ás): 1
    DPC count (execution time >=4000 Ás): 0

    Thanks, if you need any other info let me know
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    Wynnum Australia
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    Did it change with later drivers now, or is it still the same, especially Realtek / NVIDIA ? Tried an older Flash Player Version like 11.6 or the latest Beta ?

    Try a different NVIDIA-Driver-Branch (the first 3 numbers of the driver version).

    Windows 32 or 64bit ?

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    I have a recording studio (Sonar X3). I have an MAudio Fastrack Ultra 8R and do not have any sound or latency problems. I have the latest drivers, from Avid. required for Windows 8.1. I also have a Roland Octa-Capture with Win 8.1 drivers and no problems.

    I notice, in the screenshot list there is a "High Definition Audio Controller listed. That is usually a Windows installed generic, basic function, sound driver. If you have the correct sound drivers, you should not have the High Definition Audio Controller.

    What sound is actually clipping? The MAudio or the RealTek?
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LatencyMon high latency sound card clipping.
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