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    Windows 8 audio card

    Hi. I hope someone can help me with this. I have a Gateway desktop Windows 8. Does Windows 8 come with a real sound card, is it one of those that is just for Microsoft sounds, etc? I am trying to record from my keyboard, but the output has to be audio, through Cubase (sequencing app.) via VST, which won't work if there isn't a sound card that can create the sounds I need to record myself with a backtrack.

    I don't know if the audio part is baffling to some - I don't mean it be - but putting things a little more basically: Does the Realtek "sound card" contain the kind of hardware/software architecture, or whatever, to support virtual musical instruments (VST)?

    Thanks and here's hoping someone has an answer to this endless conundrum, like a conveyor belt I've been on for the past few weeks trying to figure this out.

    Living in hope.

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    I have a Sonar recording studio.

    RealTek, as far as I know is only a sound card, not a DAW with VST compatibility. RealTek does have ASIO mode capability.

    When I record, I use a Roland Octa-Capture for my recording interface unit. If has 8 analog channels and will also support MIDI.
    I record, using Sonar X3, and then the VST's are used internally in Sonar for whatever I need, such as Reverb, EQ, or such as my Mastering VST3, Izotope Ozone 5.
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    Oh I love it when that happens. Windows is OS and does not come with hardware. CODEC (sound chip) is part of hardware on your MB. OS can provide drivers but other drivers are available too. Latest drivers for Realtec chips are V2.73 and can be found on their site, they are compatible with all of their chips irregardless on which MB they are.
    Realtec CODEC chips are just fine for playing any kind of sound, music etc but the advanced options are available thru software only.
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    Windows 8

    Windows 8 Audio Card

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I can't afford that kind of equipment, though. Actually I'm so fed up with these sequencers and midi notation programs (like Finale). I don't know if it's Windows 8, but my UNO midi interface burned out twice, so could even be the computer (Gateway). I only have one instrument, my digital piano, so I'm gonna get a nice mic and that will be that!

    Thanks for your help.

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Windows 8 audio card
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