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Audio Randomly Turns off

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    Audio Randomly Turns off

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. Occasionally, my audio will randomly disable itself (as in, the volume doesn't change but the audio is muted). Additionally, whenever my audio turns off, any video or song (as in, youtube videos and songs from iTunes and Zune) slow down dramatically. So, I cannot "watch" text either, because the video is playing at around .25x speed. Whenever it does happen, it is normally after I unplug my headset, but it doesn't happen every time I unplug it. Finally, it is beginning to happen more randomly. I will be watching a video and as soon as I pause it, the audio disables. Any idea what's going on?

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    Yes. Software is causing it to bug out.

    Best thing you can do is update the software and drivers to all that you use, to latest. Some software tends to control the whole Windows audio stack when you start it, like some Cyberlink software. It can mute or dictate Windows volume.

    For good measure, also install latest bios.

    Test the system without headset attached at all after, if necessary, to see if that is the main cause still.
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Audio Randomly Turns off
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