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Microphone to Headphone port

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    Microphone to Headphone port

    How do you turn your microphone port or line in, to a headphone port or line out port. For a while I would plug in headphones into the mic port and it would bring up a dialog saying I could change it to another headphone port but it never worked. Now it doesn't even pop up. I want this so when I go on long trips my girlfriend and I could watch a movie together using 2 pairs of headphones.
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    Hi Erics9971,

    Welcome to the forum

    Very cheap solution just purchase a headphone splitter to be able to use two pairs from one jack.

    Just for an example:

    Belkin 3.5mm Headphone Splitter - White: Electronics

    Click image for larger version

    Loads of different types on the Internet, search for headphone Splitter.

    hope this helps


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Microphone to Headphone port
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