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Windows 8 sound issue

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    windows 8.1 pro

    Windows 8 sound issue

    After deciding to give windows 8 another shot and installing windows 8.1 i still stumbled upon the same issue i had before. sound - YouTube In first part of the clip you can hear sound in windows 7 and in second how it sounds in windows 8. While windows 7 sounds perfect, windows 8 has this kind of "in fishtank" sound, not sure how to describe it and also really heavy and loud bass.
    Both windows are using the same realtek hd audio drivers. I guess there is something that needs to be either disabled or changed in windows 8, but im not sure where to look for it anymore.
    I have been messing around with realtek control panel but no luck so far. Since everything driver related were the same on both windows it's something inside windows 8 that does this.

    Windows 8.1 pro / Realtek R273
    Also using usb sound card for headset and realtek for my mic, i can use realtek for both but the issue is still there.


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    Did you try settings in "Sound effects" in the "Realtek HD audio Manager" ? Setting environment to None or just click on Reset ?
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    windows 8.1 pro

    Im using USB sound card so i don't have such settings. So far ive got to point where sound ok (still worse then win7 i think), but when sound is recorded and played back there is still the same issue, so now id like to fix sound recording. With default windows drivers for my usb sound card it was fine, recording sounded just like i hear it, but when i install my usb sound card drivers (Creative sound blaster tactic 3d), i get the issue. Drivers are newest and supported by windows 8/8.1 as well (as homepage says). Tried both: regular install and install in compatibility mode for windows 7.

    Edit. If i use realtek to record sound it sounds just as it should, when recording sound from my sound blaster usb card it again has that deep and bassful sound. As i see it: when using default sound ports (realtek) then sound is being recorded from them, when using usb sound card sound is being recorded from somewhere else or trought something else.
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Windows 8 sound issue
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