I have an hp laptop that i used to use to play games on using my razer kraken pro headset and mic and headphone components work just fine the computers microphone set up can hear me clearly and everything is fine. Although when I go to use it on my computer which I bought for myself for xmas it does not seem to work well. The microphone has difficulties hearing me clearly i have already adjusted the microphone sensitivity using the Sound -> Microphone -> Properties -> Levels setting and it still has difficulties hearing me. On top of that this headset has one port which combines both the audio and microphone parts to it. When I use it on my computer and i plug it into the microphone slot it works solely as a microphone with still low sensitivity and when i plug it into the headphone jack it works solely as a pair of headphones the microphone device does not even show up on the list of recording devices. So I have to use a cable that separates the two into both a microphone and headphone slots to finally be able to work (thank god I kept the wire because I didn't need it before I bought my pc). Although not a requirement I would love to be able to just use the one wire to go into the headphone jack just as it used to be able to do when I used it for my laptop but of course not a necessity.

I use windows 8 and the drivers for my pc are fine (I THINK! Well they should be since its a new computer) All help will be GREATLY appreciated I don't know what further information any of you might require to help me so please just post it below and I will try to reply in a timely fashion. THANK YOU!!! <3