Hello! Having a bit of a problem and trying to see if there is an easy solution.

I have a Surface Pro and I want to watch some video on it.

I wasn't able to find a specific video app that would play MKVs, but I did find Files&Folders which has a built in player that actually does! Been using it and its been great, until I tried to play an MKV that only has a DTS-HD audio tract.

When I play it, I get no sound. There's no error, no stuttering, etc., just no sound. I've emailed the developer, but thought I would check here.

Normally, I would say this is a codec issue and download some codecs to get it to work, however, my understanding is that Windows 8 Apps operate in some type of sandbox environment and hence installing codecs may have no effect whatsoever.

So, I thought I'd check here.

In the meantime, I've been using VLC media player, but the generic skin is not touch friendly and the only theme I found that is for some reason won't play full screen on my surface (does on my desktop though).