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Video/Audio Problem

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    Video/Audio Problem


    Just recently I've encountered a problem in watching a video in my laptop.
    I have NVIDIA GeForce GT740M, in case if it is related.

    When I was watching a video regardless of the player; VLC, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, the video was messed up and hangs in still picture while the audio and time is still playing forward. The video was like it is being paused but the time and audio is still running but the picture is still like that. After a few seconds, then only it refreshes and get back to the correct moving picture. It keeps happening again after a few seconds.

    iTunes in the other hand plays perfectly without any stuttering and hangs. So I guess its the video problem. Audio works fine. All video files is the same thing.

    It was never like this before but just recently (today) that I notice this.

    Could it be my problem is due to :
    -Outdated codecs
    -NVIDIA drivers
    -Realtek HD Audio Manager
    -Windows Update that is being installed this morning when I restart my laptop

    I don't know, I'm not good at this, need help. It's annoying to watch a movie with this problem.

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    This is really a video playback problem and not an audio problem. I'm not sure which forum section would be the best place to repost this.
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    I thought so too but couldn't find the forum either so I just post here. If you can move it please do so.
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    I'm not a forum administrator so I can't move it.

    This General section is probably a good place to start. General Support - Windows 8 Forums

    They have a section on the Windows 7 forum for issues such as this, but didn't add it on this forum (same forum owner).
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    But can you help me with my problem?
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    It is highly unlikely to be a codec issue, since PowerDVD and VLC use built-in ones.

    Just for curiosity sake: How does MPC-HC behave, with default settings? (EVR custom)

    If you attach the results of the tool from Brink's thread to a new post here, I should be able to make some suggestions to fix the problem.
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    I think I solved it. I just installed DivX complete package, and I tried watching a movie, no problems at all. Same goes to VLC, yay! Thanks for the help though.
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Video/Audio Problem
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