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How to play music from CD

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    From what you've said, am I correct in assuming that WMP does not start automatically when you insert a music CD? You have to go to the Start Screen and open it?

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    No...the music tile is and want the WMP tile. On the metro screen just start typing, type windows media player and you'll see it. Or right click anywhere on the metro screen and select all apps and look for windows media's alphabetized so look in the "W" section...

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    Okay, good, I found WMP by typing on the Start Screen. It prompted me to choose my recommended settings, which I did. This took me to the Music Library, which is empty. I went back to the File Explorer, if that's what it's called, that shows what is on the inserted CD. I checked it, clicked on Play, but the play button is still inoperable. I went back to the Start Screen to see if there is a tile there now for WMP and there isn't. So I don't know what good it did to find WMP.
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    I went back and clicked on WMP through the Start Screen. This time it told me to insert a disc, which I did, and it played. So I guess that solves the problem. I guess to play a CD, I must open WMP first and it will prompt me to insert the CD as it did this time.

    Thanks for your help.
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How to play music from CD
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