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How can I play APE sound files in WMP 12 64 bit?

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    How can I play APE sound files in WMP 12 64 bit?

    Hello... I searched the forum for 'APE'.. some amusing threads about going ape**it, some about converting APE to FLAC...

    I don't want to convert my APE audio files. I want to play them directly in WMP 12 just like I could in previous versions of WMP (on XP, for example).

    My WMP plays mp3 and FLACs fine. I installed something last week called Shark007 which enabled me to add APE files to the player, and indeed play them. However, it also caused WMP to crash every time an mp3 finished and the next track in the playlist was a FLAC, and vice versa. In other words, it couldn't handle switching from one type to another in the playlist and crashed. I had a hell of a game uninstalling that ... Back to before now... though.. stability.

    Is there a codec or something that will enable me to drag a sound file with a .APE extension into the Play tab on the right side of WMP 12 (it doesn't even let me do that at the moment) and play the file ok ?

    There was one on but when I checked the last 5/6 reviews, they were terrible - had a lucky escape there. Didn't bother with it.

    The only codec I currently have installed is 'Media Foundation FLAC Codec'.
    Windows 8 - 64 bit
    Running WMP 12.0.9200.16579 - 64 bit version.


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    Check out the K-lite codec pack. It supports .ape

    About the K-Lite Codec Pack
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    windows 8 codecs pack for windows media player wmp 12 and media Center version 2.0.1 download here Windows 8 Codecs Pack for Windows Media Player WMP12 and Media Center
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    Well thanks for the help!

    I installed the K-Lite pack. It enabled me to play APE files in my WMP 12. Great? Not quite...

    When I was playing my playlist and it tried to move from playing an mp3 to the next song being a FLAC, WMP crashed. It couldn't handle the transition from mp3 to FLAC.

    I uninstalled K-Lite and installed the Windows 8 codec in the message above. That didn't crash anything but it didn't change anything either. My APE file won't play in WMP 12 even with that installed.

    Seems to me I need to re-try the K-Lite with certain options selected for FLAC when I am selecting its install options in WMP file associations. I am confused what to choose though. All rather frustrating. I seem to be close, but not close enough!

    Any more advice? You've been very helpful so far!

    I did it! I re-installed K-Lite and deselected EVERY SINGLE file association completely except for the APE option for WMP. That was the only option I checked during configuration during the install process. After it finished, my WMP playlist plays perfectly and moves from mp3 to FLAC, back to mp3, to APE and back to mp3 as if they were all one format of audio. Seamless!

    Thanks helpful people
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How can I play APE sound files in WMP 12 64 bit?
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