So I have an annoying little issue. I'm running win 8 pro (not 8.1 yet) and sumtimes when I boot up the Win 8 environment volume slider isn't there (it's like it failed to load or the logitech controllers overtook it). I'm running a desktop non touch screen pc.
My mouse is a logitech G500 and I have configured the +/- DPI buttons to instead be volume up and down. I also have a Logitech keyboard with +/- volume.

Now when the problem arises I notice that the mouse is unable to adjust volume, and the win 8 volume slider fails to pop up (and show the changes as you apply, ie goes up and down depending on which button you press). When it's working this little slider appears, when it doesn't work there is no slider.
Curiously the same with the keyboard volume EXCEPT that the keyboard does succeed with the adjustments but instead of seeing the win 8 environment slider I'm treated to the dedicated logitech slider appearing momentarily.

basically it's annoying as I prefer to adjust volume with mouse and that's when it doesn't work at all.

I might reboot and sometimes it works and the win 8 slider is there, and other times it's not there.

I'm thinking I need to close and restart a process, might be simpler way than reboot but don't know which task/process to close and rerun.

I'm guessing that on boot ups sometimes logitech beats win 8 to the finish line or vice versa and that's why sometimes its there other times not.

Any ideas?