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Location of volume mixer settings...?

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    Thank you again, MilesAhead! Actually before I came to your new post I'd experimented further, and found that I got a full restore of the registry key implemented if I exited all running programs for which I'd set a sound volume, then rebooted (okay, I expect just logging out would have sufficed). So, yes, it's clear that the remaining issue relates to the way that the registry-in-memory is or isn't flushed out - and with the interfering effect of affected programs actually running at the time. It's becoming more simple now that I know how to work round the potential problems.

    I have also found a little utility called Registry Key Jumper, which not only directly enables one to jump to a 'favorite' registry key listed in the program, but actually to have the program make a shortcut for the key, so you just click the shortcut and the key opens straightaway in Regedit; I can then export the key. So, I haven't yet got a one-shot utility that would enable me to save the key at just one or two mouse clicks, but I am getting close. I now have a shortcut for the mixer settings key in my (Classic) Start Menu, and it works really nicely. I suppose the thing to do also is to make a shortcut for the saved key in whatever location I decide to keep it, and have that shortcut next to the one for the registry key itself, and then I would be very close indeed to the facility that I was wanting for saving and restoring my volume settings.

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    The jumper sounds interesting. I have been using RegJump from SysInternals. It opens regedit to the key passed on the command line. But it has no facility to create a shortcut(although one could put in in SendTo and just have a list of keys to pass in.)

    Edit: this looks nice. RegJump command line is a bit old. It brought me to the wrong key at times, which is not good. Good find.
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Location of volume mixer settings...?
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