Hi there
I've a LOAD of old CD rips both in FLAC and APE where I made a single file with a CUE file.
I'm re-organising my library and want to get the ORIGINAL track data and split the single files up into TRACKS.

the FREE CUETOOLS does this excellently - even got original CD info too !!! I recommend this program if you want to re-create tracks from an APE or FLAC CUE file.

CUETools versions 1.9.5 through 2.1.4 (current) - Hydrogenaudio Forums

I originally had loads of CD's ripped as well in FLAC to a single file with a CUE file. Above program also re-creates tracks too from the FLAC file.

Incidentally you might find a lot of these single file + cue examples on some of the more well known file sharing sites for older hard to find and no longer available music as the APE format was quite popular a few years back -- now you can re-constitute back to individual tracks.