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How to enable the audio from the external monitor in Win 8

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    How to enable the audio from the external monitor in Win 8

    My laptop is connected to an external monitor by the HDMI cable. The monitor does not have the speakers but has a headphone jack that connects the external PC speakers. The audio, however, is still from the laptop build-in speaker though the video can be seen from the external monitor. I do not know why the audio does not go to the monitor. Can you tell me how to enable the sound from the external monitor instead of the laptop build-in speaks in Windows 8 when the laptop is connected to the monitor by the HDMI? I hope the audio will automatically go to the monitor when it is connected to the laptop but will back to the laptop build-in speakers when the monitor is disconnected. Thank you for your answer.

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    compiler welcome to the Eight Forums.

    It is possible that the headphone jack on the monitor requires an analogue connection to the sound card/audio out jack from the computer to the monitor, and doesn't support audio over HDMI to the jack.

    The make and model of the monitor would help.
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    I have fixed the problem by entering the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Change System Sound > Playback > Click Monitor Name > Set default. The monitor sound is enabled. So, the problem was the sound set in the laptop build-in speakers. However, I wonder whether the laptop can be set to automatically change the sound from between the laptop build-in and monitor speakers when connecting or disconnecting the monitor. It is just like the audio goes to the headphone when it is plugged into the computer. But, the sound will automatically goes to the laptop speakers if the headphone is disconnected.
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    Hi there

    This problem sometimes arises if you are displaying on BOTH monitors -- when you display ONLY on external monitor with the HDMI cable (Win+P to select monitor) the audio will be routed automatically to your monitor from where you can then connect your speakers.

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How to enable the audio from the external monitor in Win 8
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