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Windows Explorer crash + no sound working what-so-ever

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    Windows Explorer crash + no sound working what-so-ever

    Hey guys,

    since yesterday I have a problem with my sound.

    So when I restart my system everything works fine. After s few minutes videos e.g. on Youtube stop working (keep on buffering but won't play). From that moment on I can't change the system volume and trying will result in crashing the Windows Explorer. After the Explorer restarts some things start to work partially again, e.g. I can change the volume again and streams work for a few seconds each.

    However, the Explorer keeps on crashing every few minutes and no multimedia stuff seems to work properly, neither Youtube nor music players like Winamp.

    I suspect it is somehow related to my Logitech G35, as the problem came up today after plugging the headset in. However, I use the headset nearly daily for months now .

    I had a similar issue a few months ago and fixed it after two days of asking google many different questions but I just can't remember how I did it...

    I guess for now I will just go and try to kill some processes...

    Thanks for your help in advice,


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    ok seems like the crashes were caused by a Realtek HD Audio Background Prozess...

    I just disabled it and it seems to work.

    So the explorer doesn't crash anymore but Youtube videos still stops working properly after a few minutes. However, at least my music players work...

    Ok the explorer still keeps on crashing.. seems like the reason has still something to do with my g35...

    I updated my Realtek driver following this link. Seems like it fixed it for now.

    (Hopefully) Last EDIT:
    Youtube is still buggy. I guess it's a problem with the current version of flashplayer and completely unrelated to my other issues.

    I hope people with similar problems find this helpful, as I kind of solved the problems myself.
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Windows Explorer crash + no sound working what-so-ever
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