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I have a Lenovo G580 with Windows 8. I have a weird problem with audio. If the default audio is set as internal speakers and I plug in my headphones the sound just keeps coming from the internal speakers. But if I set the headphones as default, I can switch between the speakers and headphones as I want and there is no problem if only I play music from my computer.

If I try to play something from my browser, however, the sound only comes from the internal speakers and connecting the headphones does nothing. Except (and this is where it gets weird) if I play something from my computer first using the headphones. Then I can play anything from the browser and hear it through the headphones as long as I don't plug them out. If I plug them out, the sound switches back to the internal speakers and trying to plug in the headphones again doesn't do anything. So I have to play something from my computer again with the headphones plugged in and then switch to my browser to again play everything through my headphones.

What's wrong with it? Any way to make it work as it should work?
I had similar problem on my kid's laptop. No sound, not in Firefox, but completely.
I deleted Conexant driver and searched for compatible drivers in the system (locally).
It found Conexant driver and Standard Microsoft High-Definition Audio Device.
I have installed the last one and it works now.
Also I had to chose speakers instead of headphones. It does not change automatically.
Before I found the solution they used Bluetooth headphones to get sound out of this laptop.