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Query on Optical S/PDIF audio connection

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    Query on Optical S/PDIF audio connection

    Dear All,

    I have an ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 motherboard. It has got an "Optical S/PDIF out port(s) at back panel".
    Please head onto M5A97 EVO R2.0 - Motherboards - ASUS and check the 'Audio' section.

    I now intend to use the digital optical output of my motherboard as audio source.

    Can someone already using this feature please confirm how it works? And which speaker set (having digital optical input) you are using?


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    I don't meet your criteria for responding, but I'm going to do it anyway. I use S/PDIF in my recording studio.

    On a PC, the S/PDIF digital output is designed, primarily, to feed some other device such as a surround sound amplifier and not to directly connect to speakers. Very few speaker systems have an S/PDIF interface.

    S/PDIF output on many systems are only two channel stereo. Some are 5.1 but most, for whatever reason, are just two channel stereo. I have a one year old ASUS Z77 motherboard (with an i5 CPU) and the S/PDIF output on that is only two channel stereo.

    If you use the S/PDIF digital audio as the audio source, it will be set (or have to be manually set) as the Default Playback Device.
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    @fireberd>> many thanks for your response. few more queries:-
    a. How do I find out if the Optical S/PDIF out port in my mobo is 2.1 or 5.1?
    b. Please check this link
    Philips HTS5520/94 - 5.1 Home theater
    Can i use this HT with my PC?

    Forgive my noobness if my queries sound stupid as I am absolutely new to digital connection.
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    The Phillips system you reference only has "Coax" type digital interface (RCA connector) and not S/PDIF optical link connection according to the specifications. The listed ASUS specifications for your motherboard state Optical S/PDIF output only.

    Whether you have 2 channel stereo or 5.1 surround capability on the S/PDIF link??? You would have to contact ASUS to find out. I looked at mine and it does not offer any options for the type (e.g. stereo, 5.1, etc) like it does for the Analog outputs. All my recording studio S/PDIF applications and interfaces are only two channel stereo, so I couldn't test my PC's S/PDIF with any of those devices to see if its two channel or 5.1.
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    @fireberd>> thanks again mate...and yes you are right even my mobo's optical output supports only 2.1..please see below link

    By the way, how is the Philips HT system? I mean specification wise? I am looking for some big BASS..window rattling type

    Can I use the Philips HT with my PC via the regular analog connection?
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    Yes, your Realtek Digital is identical to mine.

    I would look at a different system, since the connectivity will be an issue, either with the standard speaker (analog) or that it does not have optical S/PDIF. Some of the other Phillips systems with "deep bass" require an HDMI connection which is both video and digital audio. You would need a video card with on board (on the board audio) and an HDMI connection.

    This brings serveral other another potential issues, (1) some of the Video boards with HDMI audio have 5.1 audio capabilities (providing the program you are playing has 5.1 audio). (2) Music, such as CD audio is only 2 channel.
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    ok..i have this video card- SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 OC with Boost VAPOR-X.

    Can you please suggest me a Philips HT system which I can hook up with my PC?

    Also please tell me which one is better? Sub-woofer with Frequency response:20Hz~90Hz OR 30Hz-120Hz?
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    I don't know what your budget is for a system, but this one looks interesting. It has both optical digital (I assume S/PDIF) and HDMI.
    Philips HTD5510/94 - 5.1 Home theater
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    @fireberd>> thank you mate..the system you suggested is well within my budget.

    kindly get back to the following queries:-

    a. All these HT systems can be connected via the regular analog connection with my PC as well?
    b. Which one is better? Sub-woofer with Frequency response:20Hz-90Hz OR 30Hz-120Hz?
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    To answer your questions,

    a. It looks like it has both but I can't be sure with the listed spec's.

    Front Connections: Hi-Speed USB, Microphone In, Audio in Rear Connections: AUX IN 1, Composite video (CVBS) output, Digital optical in, HDMI 1.4 output (ARC), Mini Easy-Fit Speaker Jacks

    b. the 30 to 120Hz would be more in the effective bass range. You are not going to hear 20Hz (probably not 30Hz either).
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Query on Optical S/PDIF audio connection
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