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Audio Front Panel not working

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Audio Front Panel not working

    I've installed windows 8 yesterday and noted that front panel audio doesn't work (I use a headphone) connecting the headphone to back jack it's work but front not.

    It's a Intel HDA, and using windows's default driver.

    any needed information tell me, and sorry my bad english.

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    Please fill in the "My System Specs". We have no idea what hardware you are using.

    Also was this a complete new build? Or was it one that was working with an older OS and now does not work?

    Usually, the Intel HDA is not the PC's audio, but for the HDMI. If you only have the generic Windows installed "HD Audio Codec", that could be one software problem, you need the proper sound driver.

    More info is needed to try and help you.
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    You need to install the audio drivers for your sound device (Realtek drivers in your case).

    With the generic drivers that are part of Windows, it appears as though that driver is working fine as sound comes out of the normal speakers OK. However, the headphone jack on the front panel won't work properly and even if you manage to get some sound out of it by turning the volume up to max, it won't really be useable as the sound will be way too quiet.

    I have no idea why the Windows generic drivers don't work properly with headphones, but they don't.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64


    Filled out info, and yes It's frist time and first windows on this PC.

    Commonly I use Linux and headphones works good! I only use windows for certain things...


    I'll try, provide feedback in some time.
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    Here is the downloads on the Biostar site for your motherboard
    NM70I-847 :: Motherboard :: BIOSTAR
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Thank you fireberd, but i already find the download link!

    I installed the sound driver and it's now working.

    the 'Jack Sense' of Front panel isn't working, but isn't a driver or windows issue I say this because on Linux it isn't working also, after I will open case and see if i can do something.

    Thread solved, thank you guys that have helped me!
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    Since its not working in Linux too, which you should have originally noted, check the front panel audio connection to the motherboard. Normally the "HD Audio" connector is used. Some cases also have the older AC97 but this does not have the jack sensing that the HD Audio does.

    Another possibility is the case cabling or the actual front panel jack board. I built a new system and the front panel Headphone jack was defective. The case manufacturer sent me a replacement front panel assembly to fix the problem.
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Audio Front Panel not working
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