Hi. I am having a VERY frustrating issue. I bought a Turtle Beach Earforce PX-21. (link to headset here). I use the headset for chat using teamspeak 3 while playing games. (link to teamspeak here). My motherboard is a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 (link to motherboard here).

The problem is pretty straight forward. When I speak I can hear myself through the speakers on the headset. I have the headset set as the default device for sound. I have the headset microphone set as default. When I go into the sound properties for the headset there is no option to mute the microphone playback. When I go into the recording settings there is no check in the "listen to this device" box. I have gone into the settings for the external speakers and muted everything.

The sound issue can be heard weather I am using teamspeak or not. Meaning the moment I turn on the PC I can hear myself through the speakers. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for both sound and recording devices. I have downloaded and installed the latest drives for motherboard. I have the latest motherboard BIOS.

One final note. When I have sound going through the external speakers I cannot hear myself coming through those speakers yet I still hear myself in the headset at the same time.

I am completely lost...