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Sound Popping/Crackling

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    I connected both mobo connections to psu and im not using graphic card to repair this. I also used another exact same psu from my bro's computer and same result it did not boot. I don't think it's CPU since Prime95 did not display any errors. So I'm guessing mobo? It's kinda weird.
    EDIT: Yeah it's not my PSU for sure.

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    So basically I am going to buy a new mobo and send this one for warranty. But could it be something else? such as the ram ?

    I tested the CPU in a different computer and it worked.
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    So I bought a new mobo, now my computer boots. But to my horror the crackling is still there. Confused...
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    Did you do a complete new install with the new motherboard?

    Your sound issue, although others have had the problem, seems to be more unique to your installation. You have changed the motherboard and still have the problem. It now goes back to application software or some other hardware attached device, or even something external to the PC. Does this do it on ANY sound? or is it only on certain applications such as the COD? If play a commercial audio CD do you get the noise?
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    This is crazy. I can even hear it a tiny bit on other computers.
    I hear it pretty much when a windows sound or little sounds starts or ends. I also hear it at loud frequencies when people are loud on Ventrilo.
    Basically, I spam the windows sound volume adjuster and it pops.
    Way more than my friends computer.
    And yes I have made a fresh install + tried another windows 8 ssd from another case.
    I also tried different mouse/keyboard and different cpu+psu.
    I basically made a different computer and the problem occurred.
    When I play music it does sound awesome with my xonar dx + mmx 300
    The new Sabertooth mobo is not micro so I'm going to have to get a new case but I'm out of cash and I got fired. :S
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Sound Popping/Crackling
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