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HDMI Audio issues. Full screen video mutes (and more).

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    Windows 8 Pro MCE

    HDMI Audio issues. Full screen video mutes (and more).

    I just installed Windows 8 Pro on a new machine.

    I carried over my HD7970 from my old Windows 7 machine. I had absolutely no issues with audio in Windows 7, but Windows 8 has been a huge pain in the ass.

    I have two displays, an HDTV connected through HDMI and an older LCD connected via DVI.

    All my audio comes through the TV. In fact, I've disabled the onboard audio device on the motherboard. So I am strictly using the Radeon card for audio.

    One thing I noticed is that the Audio tab in the Catalyst Control Center says "Your displays do not support audio...", but it shows my Panasonic TV in the Playback devices. The playback does work, but I get weird mutes.

    If I go full screen in Youtube or Netflix the sound mutes for like 30 seconds. When I do ANYTHING (change tabs in Chrome, click a link, move windows around in a VM) on the other display, the sound mutes for 30 seconds. I basically am unable to do anything on my other display while something is streaming. It's irritating beyond belief.

    Does anyone have a solution for me?

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    Windows 8 Pro MCE

    Well, for a while my problem was solved. I uninstalled the Realtek drivers (since I wasn't using the device) and reinstalled the AMD drivers and all seemed fine for a while. But I just started my computer up after I had put it to sleep and it's doing the same thing again, even after a restart.

    Going to reinstall the AMD drivers again.
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    Windows 8 Pro MCE

    I thought I'd let you know that when I have the issue with Youtube videos, I am also unable to here sound in games.

    Right now I've only installed Rift.
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    Hi there
    I'm not sure with DVI but I think you need to disconnect the DVI to get HDMI audio into your monitor -- I think you can only on standard audio only have ONE digital output working at once.

    You can connect both RGB and HDMI concurrently - when you switch the monitor to RGB the audio will switch to analog and you'll need a standard audio cable to use the audio.

    I don't think (although could be wrong of course) that it's a matter with the drivers but a configuration issue on both the PC and the monitor.

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HDMI Audio issues. Full screen video mutes (and more).
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