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Game sound through speakers + chat through headset?

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    Game sound through speakers + chat through headset?

    I'm in the market to buy a headset for chat in online gaming, at the moment game sound is through my gtx cards hdmi to my tv speakers and I want the headset for purely just voice (like Xbox). In layman's terms how would I set it up this way?

    A friend said he thought the game sounds as well as voice would have to come through the headset?

    I'm using a Razer Sabertooth controller and wondered whether plugging in an Xbox headset into this would give me voice?


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    Windows limits sound to only one default playback device. Thus if you HDMI sound then you can't have speaker (PC sound card) at the same time.

    If you want headset sound (and mic) you would have to change the default playback device to "Speaker".
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    Windows can use multiple audio devices but only one can be the default. Depending on the chat program and with the headset plugged in, if the system sees it as a separate output, you can set the chat program to work directly with the headset. I do this with my usb headset and teamspeak to talk with the game sounds going to my speakers. I also have vlc configured to output directly on the hdmi output to the TV. Works like a pro. This is on my desktop running windows 7.
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Game sound through speakers + chat through headset?
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