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Terrible Speaker Issue Windows 8

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    Terrible Speaker Issue Windows 8

    Hey, first time really looking for assistance on a forums and I don't know where else to turn.

    I have an alienware m14x laptop, which I purchased around 2 years ago. One part of the problem is I have no idea what speakers I actually have built into the laptop and cannot look for the proper drivers to potentially fix this issue. The other part of the problem lies with windows 8 itself.

    Whenever sound comes out of my speakers, (there only being a total of 2 speakers) it only comes out of one of the two speakers at a time. THIS IS CAUSING THE SOUND QUALITY TO BE COMPLETELY TERRIBLE and it's driving me insane. I cannot for the life of me figure out of the make ALL audio come out of both speakers at the same time. Please somebody look into this for me, I'm in dire need.


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    Here is the link to the Dell downloads for this model, for Win 7 64 bit, which will work on Win 8. Best option, especially for sound, is to use the vendor (Dell) driver. There is also a link to the Dell on-line documentation which may tell you what speakers you have.

    If you use a headset does the sound only come out of one side, like the speakers? or does it have both sides?

    Product Support for alienware M14x | Dell US

    You can also get help from the special Dell community Alienware "club" forum. People there with specific knowledge of Alienware systems. Alienware Club - Dell Community
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    Thank you so much! The link led me straight to the correct audio drivers that fixed my problem.
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    Thanks for the feedback and that the Dell drivers fixed it.
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Terrible Speaker Issue Windows 8
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