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Windows 8 sound latency monotoring live recording

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    Windows 8 sound latency monotoring live recording

    For all of you experiencing a sound lag while trying tomonitor a live recording in Windows 8, all this talk of updating drivers andtweaking what not is pure B.S. I havedone extensive research on this issue that first reared its ugly head with the onsetof window 7 (the problem did not exist in XP or Vista) at that time thousandsof musicians actually signed a petition that was sent to Microsoft asking themto deal with this issue… THERE IS STILL NO FIX!!! The problem is in the OSitself and the way it processes an analog signal into digital… After severalexcruciating mind numbing calls to the upper reaches of the Ganges River where customer serviceis apparently located (and no one there knew what the hell I was talking aboutanyway)… I finally reached a tech that was actually located in the good old USAand he confirmed my suspicions that there is absolutely nothing that can bedone until Microsoft issues an upgrade to the OS itself… until that day comes (ifever) you will not be able to monitor a live recording in real time withoutbeing subjected to a significant time lag… Your only choice is go retro with Vista or XP or dump Microsoft all together and go with a Mac...

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    I have a recording studio. We "fight" latency issues regularly. The latency issues have been there since before Windows XP, its not something that started with any particular OS.

    BTW, Vista handles audio functions the same as Win 7. XP handled some audio functions differently but nothing that affected (recording studio) latency.
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    There may have very well been some live sound monitoring latency issues prior to XP... However I was not aware of them as they did not appear in my home studio until I went from Vista to Windows 8 while all off the other components involved remained unchanged... I have even tried several different sound cards and followed members tweaking advice on other threads regarding this issue and they were all to no avail...etc...etc... It was Microsoft that informed me that the issue is with the OS and a fix should be forthcoming in 8.1...Here is one of many petitions sent to Microsoft regarding the issue that started with Windows 7... If the problem does not reside within the OS as you claim then there is a fix and I'm all ears if you care to share your secret...

    Windows 7 Line-In/Recording Latency Petition
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    I don't use the internal sound card for my recording studio, I use a separate recording interface unit, as do most studios. My main interface is a Roland Octa-Capture 8 channel USB connected device. I also have a backup, an MAudio Fastrack Ultra 8R, also USB connected. I use Sonar X2 Producer for the recording program. I've used Sonar since XP, with an external recording interface unit.
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    I don't use the integrated sound card as my primary studio either... I use a Zoom HD 16 for multitracking and use the PC with Cool Edit Pro for editing...etc... It was while I was in the editing mode on the PC (I sometimes over dub solo's, background vocals, etc... via line in) that I noticed the live time lag... All of your above information is nice but it does not address the time lag issue... I have simply gone with a outboard mixer connected to the line in to bypass the problem while dubbing...
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    There are some nice USB recording interface units. Roland Duo-Capture, Focusrite Scarlet 2 channel, etc. I realize it will cost $$ but they will help to eliminate the latency issues. I would consider one of these, or something similar, if you are serious about recording. My Roland Octa-Capture's latency is around 6ms which does not affect any recording issues for me for overdubbing, adding instruments, vocals, etc.

    Getting away from the PC sound "cards" will make life easier in recording.
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    What i did was change my power setting to high performance and the latency issue went away. I was too frustrated with the latency, that actually fixed my issue
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    Great work, and thanks for the post, there is another member here who was aggravated with a similar issue with microphone delay, Ill find his post and suggest the power plan fix, giving you credit..
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    Although the power plan fixed this one instance, it won't fix all. I see too many posts about latency on recording forums, even with PC's that have been "tuned" for recording. Internal PC sound cards seem to be the worst.
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    Found this somewhere and it works!

    Hi,I think found of a solution to our problem. (Maybe it is a workaround but it works)
    I wanted to use my USB wireless microphone just to sing and to hear my own voice so I searched without luck for days for some sort of a program or driver.
    I understand that if microphone is connected through USB to my PC
    And My PC is connected through HDMI to receiver which has all the speakers attached,
    so no way the analog signal from microphone can go all the way to speakers without being converted to digital and than back to analogue.
    So the only way is to minimize signal conversion delay as much as it is possible.
    Luckily one guy wrote audio repeater program.
    Virtual Audio Cable Home Page
    Here is direct link:
    Simply unzip file, DO NOT INSTALL the application. You are only interested in 1 file. There are 2 folders x64 and x86.
    They have identical content (audiorepeater.exe and audiorepeater_ks.exe)
    I have Windows 7 64 bit, so I selected x64 of audiorepeater.exe.
    There select:
    input device - (USB Microphone)
    output device - (ATI HDMI output)
    local buffer - (50 ms)
    priority (realtime)
    These settings might differ (depending on how fast is your hardware)
    Press start. And ... voilà, you can hear yourself almost without any delay. In my case this works fine with karaoke software.
    I tried audiorepeater_ks.exe and set all the settings as with audiorepeater.exe but when I start karaoke software I don't hear music. Only my voice.
    If somebody could get this working let me know how. Apparently audiorepeater_ks.exe is a bit faster as it uses some kernel options (Need to be verified)
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Windows 8 sound latency monotoring live recording
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