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Windows 8 sound latency monotoring live recording

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    Gotta lol sometimes about misinformation as in the OP.

    I have a home based studio, based on the MOTU Traveler which I have been using perfectly for over five years, dual and sometimes triple booting with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

    No issues to speak of. Not even the slightest, on any.

    The main key to smooth sailing on 7 for firewire units, is to install the IEEE 1394 driver already on the system with "Legacy" in its name.

    For 8, you'd have to import that driver from 7. Nothing terribly difficult, but gotta know what you're doing. Anyone needing help, let me know.

    Windows never was, is not now, and never will be designed as a real-time operating system. That being said, it still performs beautifully as the basis for any home studio. Latencies still can be kept lower than recognizable, in any case.

    Keep hardware drivers up to date, and leave software with unnecessary drivers such as things like TuneUp Utilities (to give an example) off of the machine.

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    I think I fixed some of the latency problems by turning on HPET mode in BIOS and windows. It's worth looking into that !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    I think I fixed some of the latency problems by turning on HPET mode in BIOS and windows. It's worth looking into that !!!
    heh, latency has a different meaning to musicians and live recording compared to computer dudes.

    In computing, like you mean it, it's probably in relation to deferred procedure calls. i.e. dpc latency

    For musicians, when the term is thrown around, generally what is being discussed is the time it takes to strike a note, and to hear it from the speakers, after the audio went through the audio interface, processed by the pc and returned to the audio interface for export to amp or similar. After about 10-15 ms, a very trained and sensitive person will just begin to start to notice. The average person would be sensitive to it only at a far greater time length than that.

    DPC latency is also of a concern, naturally, so good on you for finding something that seems to be working out well for ya.
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    Thanks for clarifying that, it is somewhat a HW/SW issue with computers so it might help with PC programs for musik too. I was avare of HPET table problems with micro stuttering and latency problems and toyed with that but did not know that Windows did not turn it on automatically but to activate it one has to insert line :
    "bcdedit /set useplatformclock true (then reboot) enable HPET
    bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock (then reboot) disable HPET"
    into Elevated Commend Prompt to enable or disable it. In some BIOSs there is also option for 32 or 64 bit table so it should be set according to OS.
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Windows 8 sound latency monotoring live recording
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