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No sound device and won't let me install one!

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    No sound device and won't let me install one!

    I get the error attached.

    Click image for larger version
    However, devices show up in device manager.

    Click image for larger version

    When I try to re-install the driver from the dell site, the installation fails. Here is the error log:

    [05/29/13 12:32:09] Update Package Execution Started
    [05/29/13 12:32:09] Original command line: "C:\Users\Cathleen\Documents\Dell Downloads\9ef71118-f3dd-4d85-90ac-914583774eb1\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01.EXE"
    [05/29/13 12:32:09] DUP Framework EXE Version:
    [05/29/13 12:32:09] DUP Release: G22H1X00-00
    [05/29/13 12:32:09] Intializing framework...
    [05/29/13 12:32:10] logo.png
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] User Command: attended
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] DUP Capabilities Value: 16777215 (0xFFFFFF)
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] DUP Vendor Software Version:
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] Local System OS Version:
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] Local System OS Language: EN
    [05/29/13 12:32:12] Language Compatible with this Package? Yes
    [05/29/13 12:32:57] Identified Behavior : attended
    [05/29/13 12:32:57] Temporary payload log file name: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01\DUP6DF0.tmp
    [05/29/13 12:32:57] Translated Command Line : DELLMUP.exe /v" LOGFILE="C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01\DUP6DF0.tmp""
    [05/29/13 12:32:57] Path : C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01
    [05/29/13 12:32:57] Identified Behavior : attended
    [05/29/13 12:33:00] Append Vendor Software Log: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01\DUP6DF0.tmp
    [05/29/13 12:33:00]
    --- Start of Vendor Software Log ---

    [05/29/13 12:33:00] ASCII payload log file detected.
    [05/29/13 12:33:00] ==================================================================================================== ==================================
    Realtek High Definition Audio Driver update package
    ==================================================================================================== ==================================
    Command : "C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01\DELLMUP.exe" /v" LOGFILE="C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01\DUP6DF0.tmp""
    Date : 2013-5-29 27:32:57.636
    User : Cathleen
    ==================================================================================================== ==================================
    Starting to get initial ...
    [OS] : 6.2
    -Build : 9200
    -Service Pack : 0
    -x64 system : 1
    -MCE system : 0
    -Server system : 0
    -System Language ID : 0x0409
    -User Language ID : 0x0409
    [Default Path] :
    -tcRtkTempDir : C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01
    -tcISSetupLocation : C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01

    Collecting inventory ...
    Checking driver version...
    The version of this update driver is equal to the currently installed version .
    [Realtek HD Audio Driver]
    Installed version :
    Package version :

    ==================================================================================================== ==================================

    [Update Result]...
    Update ready to be applied at reboot .
    Rtk Code = 0x00000000
    IS Code = 0x00000000
    Install Result = 0
    UPD execution code =
    SetupAPI running code =

    Exit Code = 0003 ( Dependency software error )
    ==================================================================================================== ==================================
    End : 2013-5-29 27:32:58.56

    [05/29/13 12:33:00]
    --- End of Vendor Software Log ---

    [05/29/13 12:33:00] Vendor Software Return Code: 3
    [05/29/13 12:33:01] logo.png
    [05/29/13 12:33:01] Name of Exit Code: DEP_SOFT_ERROR
    [05/29/13 12:33:01] Exit Code set to: 3 (0x3)
    [05/29/13 12:33:01] Result: FAILURE
    [05/29/13 12:33:05] Open file: C:\ProgramData\Dell\UpdatePackage\Log\Audio_Driver_G22H1_WN_6.0.1.6662_A01.txt

    This is driving me nuts! I would very much appreciate any help on how to fix my sound. I am running Windows 8 on a Dell Inspiron.

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    That error suggests that there is no default audio playback device set. The "Speakers" should be set as the default playback device.
    This is done in the Sound Panel, Playback section. I'm not on a Win 8 machine right now so I can't tell you how to access the Sound Panel.

    Also, you should only have one entry for RealTek. Uninstall one of the RealTek entries in the Device Manager.
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    When I go to the sound panel, here is what I see. Everything is grayed out that might allow me to add a device.

    Click image for larger version
    I did remove the second instance of the Realtek card. The first one states the driver is up to date, and that the device is working properly.
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    There are several possibilities.

    The first step, since you removed the second RealTek entry in the Device Manager is to just reboot the PC and see if it works.

    If not, there could be a Windows status corruption between the sound and Windows that was caused by the dual RealTek entries. Go to the Device Manager, and uninstall the RealTek, but DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. Then go to the Sound Panel/Playback section and see if the "Speakers" are shown. If they are make them the default Playback device. If still not shown, RIGHT click in an empty space in that panel and check the boxes to show disabled and disconnected devices. If the Speakers now show up you can set them as the default.
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    Fireberd, you're awesome. I uninstalled Realtek, rebooted and voila, sound! I didn't have to do anything else. Thank you!
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    Thanks for the feedback that it worked. Glad to have helped. Please "rep" me by clicking on the "thumb up".
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No sound device and won't let me install one!
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