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Windows hardware insert.wav sound keeps going off

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    Windows hardware insert.wav sound keeps going off

    Whenever I am using my PC, the Windows hardware insert.wav sound keeps going off. When I am watching a video on youtube, or listening to a song, and it goes off, I have to refresh the page, because the audio cuts out. is there a way to fix this, as it's VERY annoying!

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    It sounds like a flakey device is attached. What USB devices do you have attached to the PC? One of them may be intermittent or the USB port itself could be intermittent.

    You can disable that sound, but that doesn't fix the actual problem.
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    Yeah, I have diasabled the sound, as that Windows hardware insert.wav sound is very annoying. But the audio still cuts out when watching youtube. As for usb's connected to my pc, there are my web cam, external HDD, mouse, keyboard, and printer.The odd time, I have my wireless adapter for my xbox 360 controller, for gaming, but it's not connected right now.
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    I've seen a lot of problems that were related to or caused by web cams. Disable the web cam in the Device Manager and see if that makes any difference.
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    Will do, I will post my findings.
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    That seemed to fix the issue, thanks. But how do I use my webcam, without having this issue arrise again?
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    Try the web cam in a different USB port and see if it acts up. If it does, that suggests the web cam itself may be bad.

    One other thought, if you are using an external USB hub, only used self powered ones (hubs that have their own power supply) as there could be a power (lack of) with a non-powered hub.,
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    Ok, so the webcam is unplugged, and I am still having the same issue. When I check device manager, there is noting in there that seems to be giving me an error. Very frustraiting! lol
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    Any other ideas?
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    click start> right click on computer go to properties after that on up left corner click on device manager and go down to Universal Serial Bus Controllers click the arrow on left side of it so you see all the usb... among all of them right click on Realtek USB 2.0 Card reader and disable it... it won't effect any of your usb connectors but it will take care of the problem at least it did take care of my problem i run windows 7... and it won't have no effect on any of your usb connectors.. goodluck
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Windows hardware insert.wav sound keeps going off
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