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Acer 8930g and 5.1 audio problem

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    Over HDMI and Audio Jack it plays perfectly, it's just the speakers aren't all playing. it sounds like people are talking/singing with their mouths closed... and it's not that some speakers aren't working at all, if you change some settings you can get sound going to the speakers, but it's like only some gets through. i wish i could get this sorted out, i basically have no sound as i cant use it. i even tried loading vista on, same thing. opened the laptop to try and see if it might be wiring, but from what i can see all looks fine. wish i could take it to Acer to fix but i guess they wont support it as they don't support new drivers, the touch pad also have limited functionality.

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    Hi all, i know this is an old(er) topic. But i thought i have to add somethings.
    1st of I DO actually own a 8930, so no bullshit solutions here.
    I got my INTERNAL speakers working in 5.1 with the win7 drivers from Acer | Download and selecting the 8930G (my model isnt the G version but the drivers work).
    Just click the operating system pulldownmenu to have it show Windows 7 (just get the right one 32 OR 64 bit version.)
    I CANNOT test yet the external speakers. But what i remember from way back when i had external speakers hooked up to it, that it wouldnt work.
    But that was due to a hardware bug, as soon as you plug something in the headphone jack (also front speakers) it will think it has a headphone connected. So it would switch to stereo. I had to circumvent this by using a optical cable.
    So the 5.1 OUT only worked if you didnt add the headphone jack...

    ps I just tested it (on external speakers Logiech Z-5500), and yes its the same. If you unplug JUST the headphone (frontspeaker) jack the center/sub and rear speakers work like they are supposed to. And this is a hardware fault. So we are $hit out of luck. :-(
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    Thanks for the reply HanZie82, i tried the driver you mentioned, downloaded the 64-bit edition, uninstalled the driver i was using, and installed the new driver, but this didn't work for me, i tested the speakers from the HD Audio Manager by clicking on every speaker, the two rear speakers play as the two front speakers, the sub plays, but the two front speakers doesn't play and neither does the center speaker.
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    Did you test the internal speakers? As external wont work like i mentioned.

    And when i installed Win8.1 there was sound as W8 installed the right drivers to get it going (only Stereo as option tho).
    I did NOT uninstall, but installed the drivers i mentioned over it and 5.1 is working.

    But im using a fresh install, that might be a problem tho, as with Win7 ive had these issues to. And only a fresh install fixed it then. Dont know if that would also be for W8 install.

    Hope this helps a bit. All i know tho its a good notebook but Acer lacks bigtime on proper drivers.

    ps dont forget to disable "Room Correction" as that will only distort the sound. Not that much but i can hear it.
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    I agree on the lack of driver support it's a pity that this notebook is left for dead...
    i am talking about the internal speakers yes, if i use HDMI or normal headphones it works fine, it's just the 5.1 internal speakers that don't seem to work. i am not using a fresh install of 8.1 at the moment. i have room correction disabled and center,subwoofer and side pair is selected. also full range speakers front left right and surround speakers are selected (but makes no difference if i de-select them), also the sub plays, when i swap the sub and center speaker and i click on the center speaker the sub plays, but clicking on the sub the center speaker doesn't play.
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Acer 8930g and 5.1 audio problem
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