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Sound is extremely quiet?

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    Sound is extremely quiet?

    So I am wearing headphones, they're plugged into a 3.5 mm speaker. This speaker is plugged into my computer's motherboard.

    I can hear sound, but it's extremely quiet. My speakers are maxed out. Windows 8 sound is 100%. Youtube video is at 100%.

    I honestly don't know how to update my drivers any further. I have a M2N-SLI motherboard. I went to the ASUS website, and there isn't even a Windows 8 option for it.

    I also have a creative soundblaster Xi-Fi extreme audio sound card. Using the CD it came with, I tried installing the drivers again, restarted the computer, and nothing changes. I can't find the drivers on creative's website either. I tried every 3.5 mm jack in the back of my computer and nothing works.

    All the contacts are in. I tried using other speakers (and headphones) and had the same issue.

    i'm at a loss.

    If I hover over the little speaker icon in windows 8, it says "speakers (USB): 100%" Does that have anything to do with my issue? I am not using USB at all.

    edit: under Device Manager, all of my Audio inputs and outputs are up to date and working properly
    edit: SOLVED. didn't have my sound card set to default
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Sound is extremely quiet?
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