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What to consider when buying a Home Theater?

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    What to consider when buying a Home Theater?

    The same question to off-board Sound Cards. I don't have too much knowlegde in advanced sound equipament and what to consider when buying. About Home Theater, a chep one that have a good quality and immersion...

    What you guys think?
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    For me personally, I never buy an all in one type Home theater, rather I buy the individual components. Like a well built great quality receiver, then add the sub and then the speaker set. Not one of the cheesey things you get from say Walmart, Kmart and the likes. My personal preference is Onkyo and there are others to choose, HarmanKardan, JVC, Pioneer and so on. With this brands you can get pre assembled sets, that have matching subs and speakers with their receiver. Which is a good way to get the best bang for your buck (money). It will still be expensive but the quality can't be beat.
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    Ok, thanks. I got some other problems in this case, because here in Brazil we pay around 2/3 times the original prices on States due to very high taxes (We've got one of most expensive Iphone 5, 16GB model costs around 1000 dollars), so i have to watch out making a separate system... What about a 5.1 Home Theater to gaming/music?
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    It's hard to be in the dark trying to build something that you don't have too much knowledge about. And you may not even tell the difference between a good and a bad sound anyway in that situation. It's ok to build your own system from individual components like what bassfisher said if you know what to do and what you are looking for. And given the cost issue that you mentioned, I guess your best option is to go and get an all-in-one system. Just make sure to go with popular brands and not local store brands or knock-off from china. Technology these days are so advanced that everything looks and sounds good. Get a branded blu-ray home theater system that fits your budget. I have a 7 year old LG hometheater system that sounds as good as they can get. I am just hoping that it will go kaput anytime soon so that I have a solid reason to get an upgrade. Hahaha.
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    Well, guess I have to mention that anything i buy on Market will be sound awesome to me. Why? Let's take a look in my actual sound system:

    When I'm not in home or in twilights (everybody's sleeping so i can't make noise) I use this little Nokia earphones on my PC/Smartphone:

    Click image for larger version

    This thing have an amazing tecnology and years of denvelopment to make the best wheezing and unpleasant noise powered by Nokia. hahaha

    And in the days when i can make any noise possible here, i use these little dinossaurs to play and listen music:

    Click image for larger version

    What is this, i'm back to the 90's? Yeah. Actually I have a high performance PC, not the best of all, but i can play games with no problems here. But this, man, this makes any game with high sound technologies (like Battlefield 3 or Racing simulators) sounds crappy.

    The best thing i have had was my Guitar's amp, i used in my PC many times but now the On/Off key is damaged and i have to fix this.

    Click image for larger version

    So, as you can see, my sound system is veery awful, and i don't want to make a wrong choise this time, i can't afford the best thing on Market but at least I want something that will not disappoint me. That's why i'm asking for your help guys.
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    Click image for larger version
    Logitech surround sound speaker system…
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    This one is a Z906?
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What to consider when buying a Home Theater?
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