Was unaware the sansa could play flac. My original issue of getting all new music from Amazon mp3 still applies though. I'm not buying physical cds any more.

As far as audio goes, I know the addictive nature all too well. I've had better than average setups for years at home. Just replaced my old Harman kardon AV receiver with a new Marantz model. Have grado and audio technica headphones. And my wife and I go to a megachurch here in the states and I volunteer on the audio team, running Yamaha, Allen and Heath, and mostly DiGiCo sound boards. Our main auditorium runs a $500k L'Acoustics line array. Sadly, in the sound world, it's mostly Apple computers that are the standard. Everything at the church is run via Macs, Pro Tools, and rack mount docks for iPods.