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Horrible Sound Quality

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    Horrible Sound Quality

    Hi all,
    I am just wondering if someone has the same sound issue I have.
    Whenever I increase the volume the sound is really horrible, like from cheap $3 speakers. The sound is NOT clear at all.
    I tested the same files (mp3, FLAC) on anothet device and it is just great.
    Here´s my setup:

    Windows 8 - all updates

    Asus Xonar D1 interne PCI Soundkarte 7.1, Digital Out, Dolby Technik, Eax, 192kHz 24bit, Low Profile - newest driver

    Intel DP55WG - onboard sound disabled in BIOS

    Teufel Concept B20

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Have you tried a headset or different speakers?

    To eliminate the Xonar sound card, remove the Xonar and enable the on-board audio and try that. If there is no problem with the on-board audio then that points to the Xonar as the problem. However, if that does not fix it then its back to troubleshooting the PC.
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    Thanks. Yes I tried different speakers already. Same issue. I actually bought a sound card because the on board sound was just as bad.
    Let me do a test with my hedset. I will post the result later the day.
    What would be a good starting point for troubleshooting the PC?
    Thanks again
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    I will wait for the report back on the headset.
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    Hi again, just checked it with my Bose Quiet Comfort 15. Everything is fine. Powerful bass.
    Now I know that sounds silly but the speakers are top notch quality if plugged in to my iPad for example.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again
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    Plug the headset into the rear GREEN speaker jack and see if the sound is OK there too.
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    nope.....sorry. In the meanwhile I try to uninstall the card completely and setup everything from scratch. ...this drives me crazy
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    Ok I took an old image from 3 months ago did the 8 upgrade again and some installations. Installed the sound card freshly with the newest driver....boooom everything is just how it should be.
    Must be some weird "whatever" in the system.
    Thanks anyhow for all your support!!!!!
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    Thanks for the feedback and that you got it working.
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    I am having a similar problem. Its like one side of my sound is playing. Like when you have right and left sides but only right side is playing. I am currently using my old surround sound speakers from my former XP system since its speakers are better than the ones that came with the new dell windows 8. I mean my old XP speakers are the 3 way speakers with a sub wuffer/bass speaker. I hooked them up thinking they would sound better since their better speakers to begin with and they still work even though their almost 10 yrs. old..but it appears only one side of the sound is playing....I mean it's like I can hear the music fine but the words to songs you can barely hear. and videos and movies its the same. its like one side is working and the other side isnt.

    Is there a certain jack they need to be plugged into? currently their plugged into the same colored jack that their speaker plug is..I think it's the light green jack but not sure, I'd have to check again. But I do know their in the same color jack as the speaker pulg is.

    [update] Ok I just unplugged them from the light green jack in the back and plugged them in the front where the headphones jack is and now their working great like their supposed to be working. And I finally unpacked the speakers that came with the pc and noticed that they not only have a plug in type jack but they also have a usb type plug to them. That's probably why my old speakers were not working correctly since they don;t have the usb plug...hmmmm interesting.

    Is there anyway I can still use the old speakers without having to use the headphone jack to make them fully work?
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Horrible Sound Quality
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