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New here, audio (specifically mic issues)

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    New here, audio (specifically mic issues)

    Hi as the title suggested I am new here.
    Usually I like to contribute before asking too many questions but I come in a time of need.

    I will explain my issue:

    I am using a Windows 8 (64bit) Samsung NP350V5C-A08UK.

    Yesterday I plugged in a pair of apple headphones(with the mic) straight into the mic line in. They worked after a little bit of tweaking (as a microphone). Today they are no longer detected and I cant seem to find the same fix as I applied yesterday.

    Notes -
    Yes the mic works, tested it with my iPhone. The onboard mic works too. (Not an option to use this however)

    If anybody has any potential fixes please let me know

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    Houston, TX
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    Hi furn355 and welcome to Eight Forums!

    Unfortunetly i think it's hard to solve your problems with additional information so could you please tell me:
    Have you checked the Sound Settings? Is Volume pulled up? Is it set to default?
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    Tried with all volumes up and resetting everything back to defaults, still no cigar
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    Do you have a System Restore point back to when they did work?

    I did a google search but did not come up with drivers for this model. But, are you using the correct Samsung supplied sound driver? or just the generic basic function Windows installed "HD Audio Codec". If not using the correct Samsung sound driver, that would be a good place to start.
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    Just did a system restore, still doesnt find it.

    Still not detecting in the sound part of the control panel when i have plugged a device in too the line in port
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    If it helps it isnt showing any line in on my sound control panel although it shows i have plugged something in:

    see attached screenshot

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Click image for larger version
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    In the Recording Panel, RIGHT click in a blank area and then LEFT click to select show disabled and disconnected devices. Then see if it shows up.

    If not, go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the Realtek entry and then LEFT click "uninstall" (Do not uninstall the drivers, just the device). Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. If there were any corruptions in Windows for the sound this will fix it.
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    right clicked and doesnt show anything.

    Did the uninstall (left the drivers) after restart it still doesnt pick them up

    Attached more images:

    Screenshot by Lightshot
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    Exactly what type of Apple headphone/mic do you have? I have an iPhone5 and the mic/headphone that came with the iPhone will not work with a PC.
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    I am using iPhone 4 headphones/mic combo, and like I said, i did get them working for one brief recording

    Should I be concerned with it not showing the line in option?
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New here, audio (specifically mic issues)
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