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Audio and video distortion

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    Audio and video distortion

    Whenever I try to watch YouTube videos the audio and video gets distorted and slows down to about 1/4 speed and the voices slow down to make it sound like I am listening to a guy with a deep voice. This only happens when the video is loading and completely stop when the video is fully loaded. This also happens with other videos on other websites but this only happens most of the time. sometimes I click on a video and it does not distort right at the beginning. The video also sometimes plays normally and gradually slows down distorting the audio. For everything the video and audio are synced.I have also tried disabling my default audio driver, and re installing Realtek but to no avail.

    I am running Windows 8 with Realtek Hd Audio installed. This is a custom built pc with no additional sound card installed. Motherboard is msi h61m-p31.

    Thanks in advance!

    I have been running my pc for about a week and a half and this problem only started happening about 4 hours ago
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    If this just started, use the System Restore and restore the PC back to an available restore date when it didn't happen. See if this fixes it. If not, System Restore has an option to undo the restore.

    If System Restore didn't fix it, it could be what is on the Shared IRQ's with the sound and video. Video should either be on its own IRQ or it is the higher priority device on the shared IRQ. Sound is reverse it is the lower priority device on the shared IRQ. Uninstalling the devices in the Device Manager (do not uninstall the drivers) then restarting the PC and when Windows starts it will reinstall the devices. This fixes a lot of flakey problems and/or Windows corruptions with the devices.

    Reseating the video card is another option.

    I have a Sapphire Radeon HD7770 video card, but haven't experienced any problems with it other than I had to completely uninstall the old drivers and Catalyst Control Center and then restart the PC in order to install the latest drivers. I never had to do that with my old PC and a Radeon HD4550 video card.
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Audio and video distortion
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