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Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations!

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    Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations!

    Hello Guys,

    I'm having various problems with my Playlists on my computer with a recent fresh install of Windows 8 pro, I put all my albums into playlists and I use the playlists to select which music to play (this is because I have lots of individual tracks etc.), everything works as it should do in desktop Windows Media Player. When I open the Metro music app in Windows 8 my playlist are all over the place, sometimes there's too many, sometimes too few, sometimes they play and sometimes they don't, some are duplicated and some are missing etc.etc. All my Music and playlists are stored in the My Music library as it default too.

    I had about 100 too many playlists and some were duplicated twice so tonight I bit the bullet and I deleted all the Playlists from Metro Music player, I then imported my playlists using a right click, there is now the correct amount of playlists but some are named incorrectly. For example say I have a play list called Abba - Gold, Music app now calls it Abba - Gold (2) , if I attempt to rename it to Abba - Gold it tells me "That one's there already, try a different name".
    This only affects some playlists, it seems as though the one's with a bracket and a number 2 after the playlist with the same name already exist but it is not shown. I also edited a playlist in WMP desktop tonight and I had to use the import playlist feature again to update the playlist in the Music app and now that playlist has a number 2 next to it as well.

    Does anyone know where the playlists for the music app are stored, I'd like to find out and delete everything and start again, I'm going from loving Windows 8 to hating it because when I get to a stage where I'm happy with everything then something goes wrong or changes, I've spent 2 weeks solid trying to get everything to work as it should. and I'm losing patience!

    Thank for your help


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    This is not an audio problem (this forum section) but more a customization issue.

    I'm using my Win 7 system right now and I see C:\Users\myname\Music as one location. Also C:\Users\Public\Music as another. Look in those locations.
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    I just booted up Win 8. Here is what I get from WMP

    Click image for larger version
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    There are no playlists in the public folder at all
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    That's what I got from WMP. Click on "Organize" and then "Manage Libraries". Also check the WMP Help File, maybe that will give you some info on them.
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    I think I'm just going to give up and stick to desktop WMP. It's a shame as I like the interface on the Music App. I've posted to the support forums and I'm tried 4 times to connect to a Support Chat.

    Maybe I'll check it out again in a few months, I feel a little let down by Windows 8 as every time I use it something else goes wrong and I spend all night trying to sort it out, I spent hours yesterday trying to get Samsung Magician SSD software to start with Windows, I've just given up after hours of trying, something like that was so simple with Vista so now I've had to put a reminder in my calendar to every week remind me to open the program so it can run it's optimization routine. Not really a step forward from Vista.

    I've gone from hating Win 8 to loving Win 8 and I'm now going to the dislike stage! Right I'm off back to my position in the que to speak to someone about the Music App, I'm number 31, tried several times last night and it got stuck at 12 people ahead in que, I gave up at 2.30am!!

    Thanks Guys

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Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations!
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