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USB Boom mic or headset - recommendations

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    USB Boom mic or headset - recommendations

    A friend was using voice primarily for email. His voice has gotten lower and the MS LifeChat LX-3000 USB is not picking up his voice that well anymore.

    Could someone recommendation a better USB headset or boom mic reasonably priced?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Many PC mic inputs have a boost option to bring up the volume level of the mic input. Check the users PC to see if that is available. May not need a new mic. Unless the Microsoft mic is defective another PC mic won't make a difference. If its that bad, a regular P.A. type mic and a preamp will be needed.
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    Thanks for response. Mic works fine for others. Friend is down to about 10% lung capacity. What's a ballpark figure for a cheap mic & preamp?
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    I just checked at TD and it's definitely out of price range but thanks again for point in right direction.
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    That's about the only thing, a preamp. A different mic will be needed as computer mic's are Condenser mics and require 5VDC so it won't work with a regular preamp.

    Specialized equipment for someone with a limitation is always overpriced. I'm in Florida with all the retirees and see that all the time.
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    Thanks for your help and clarification of the differences.
    I'll just mark this solved.
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USB Boom mic or headset - recommendations
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