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No sound on LeadtekTV card on windows 8

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    No sound on LeadtekTV card on windows 8

    Hi all.
    I have an old TV tuner, Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe and the WinFast PVR2 tv software. System is Windows 8 Pro.
    As I said, the card is old and last drivers were for Vista. But those drivers worked perfectly with Windows 7.
    Now in Windows 8, I instaleed the same drivers and TV Card is working fine, the picture on TV is perfect, HOWEVER I have no sound on TV. I checked every possible option to see if volume is up as it should be and if maybe something was muted, but everything seems to be in order.
    I tried with the newest RealTek HD audio drivers, and with windows default drivers but it didn't make any difference.
    Does anyone have any idea about this?
    If you need me to upload some files that can shed some light on this, just tell which ones.

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    Software is incompatible only way is to install (windows Media center)…
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No sound on LeadtekTV card on windows 8
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