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Severe echo during recording playback

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    Severe echo during recording playback

    As a court reporter, I use a software (from Stenograph) which records to a .wav file as I write. I have such a severe echo during playback, which makes it impossible to even use this audiosync feature within my software. I am not very computer savvy, so I may need "dummy" type step-by-step instructions on changing the settings! Thank you! I should also mention that I am using the internal mic for recording. Thanks!

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    By default (and not chageable) the PC's speakers are on all the time and thus if the speaker volume is not set to Zero (off) there can be feedback and echo.

    There are also some Sound Enhancements in many PC sound systems, such as echo, reverb, chorous that can be heard on any audio playback. If this is the case, check the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound for a sound control panel, such as the RealTek HD Audio Audio Manager (for systems with RealTek audio) as it has an option for Sound Effects such as Echo.
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Severe echo during recording playback
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