Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with my sound through HDMI.

I have my computer running through my amplifier to my TV and had decided to upgrade to a SSD drive. Previously I was running Win7 32bit and had the AMD drivers installed for my ATI Radeon HD 5450 card and the sound worked fine.

I disconnected my old drive, and installed win8 64bit on my new SSD drive. After the install the sound worked fine. I then added the Windows Media Center Add-on and my sound stopped working. I then when to the AMD site and downloaded the newest beta drivers and currently have the AMD High Defination Audio Driver installed. I do have my HDMI output device set as my default device but am still getting no sound. When I click the sound test button the bars go up and down but no sound. When I plug regular speakers in the the back and change the default device to speakers I can get sound.

I'm at a loss here...it should be working fine but it's not.

thanks for any help